Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Whew, what a day!  It started in one direction and then changed to another.  Plans are fluid so one should always be flexible.  Right?!  But it's not without stress...

However, the news is all exciting. :))  Bailey, per her blood tests, is ovulating!!!  That means we'll hopefully begin mixing up babies soon.  Friday to be exact!  The fluid part....change in stud dogs.  And I'm excited about the new plan!  We will be using Broggie who sired my last litter.  I love everything about the match but most importantly, it's the friendship that I made along the way.  While I have never met Broggie's human mom, Marcela, in person, we have become good friends through our love of our dogs and the bulldog breed.  It's been so great to exchange emails, phone calls, joys, worries and pictures via the internet.  Wow, what did we ever do before the world wide web!  Thank you're the best!!  Hopefully, more Broggie babies...YAY!

So, tomorrow is Broggie's day and, as I said for the last breeding, we can't wait to get our "boy in the box" delivered to us on Friday....he's traveling via Fed Ex all the way from California.  TG, our snow storm has passed and we will hopefully have no delays.

Photos below of Broggie arriving for the last breeding (in May) and a photo taken just this last October.  You're looking good Broggie...  :)

Broggie arriving "overnight" this past May.

And again at the October California Bulldog Specialty.  So handsome!
Kingbrae's Sir Broccan del Mugwash

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