Monday, December 7, 2009

Letter "P" Day

Today is for all things starting with "P."   :0)

I bought two new jigsaw puzzles to work on.  Love puzzles in the winter!  I find it very relaxing and therapeutic.  Note: I only do the easy 1000 piece challenge puzzles for me!  And, yea, it's kind of lame and a Grandma thing to do but oh well.  Some people knit while watching TV, I do puzzles.  :)  I happened upon a photo of Otto last year.  Such a goofball!  If I don't tuck my chair in, he'll climb right on top of the puzzle table.  He often considers a leap from the foot stool to the table as well.  So we are always watchful.  You can just see his mind working, "Can I make it? Yea, I think I can."

The next "P." We are doing progesterone tests this week on two of my co-owned bulldog girls...Bailey and Whitley.  I think they both will be ready for a breeding this week.  Woo Hoo...super fun as it is first time litters for both the bullly momma's-to-be and their human momma's-to-be.  We are waiting eagerly for the vet clinic to call with blood lab results.  I will raise Bailey's puppies at our home and my good friend Deb will be raising her and Whitley's first litter. 

The third "P" for the day is that Maisy has her bone pillow back.  Ahhhhhh, she is so happy and content!!

And lastly, for the letter "P" day....have a PAWSITIVELY wonderful day!

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