Thursday, December 31, 2009


Ugh, most definitely this is not my strongest virtue...most people would likely describe me as impatient.  But our wait has now begun and there's no rushing mother nature.

We had our second breeding today with Otto and Maisy.  All went great...Otto, what can I say....he has only ONE thing on his mind, ALL the time!  Whew, good things for strong doors.

Marby's Worth the Wait of Muddy Rivers, "Whitley," went in for an early ultrasound yesterday...YA HOO...they saw puppies.  Ultrasounds are not the most accurate for determining litter size but they thought they saw 4.  I co-own Whitley with my friend Deb and this will be a first-time litter for both of them...bully mom and human mom.  Exciting for them!!

Bailey goes in next week for her ultrasound....she's been a very tired girl and we think has had morning sickness.  A good sign, but we'll hopefully confirm the pregnancy next week (Wednesday).  I have a few photos on the website of Bailey and Maisy but if you want to see more you can check out their photo albums on my shutterfly site.

For now it's wait...wait...wait....

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  1. VERY exciting!! We all have our fingers crossed for Otto and Maisy :)