Thursday, December 23, 2010

Santa delivers...

A four paw Christmas gift!  ...hang on, will get to that!

I have to say I love to be a bully matchmaker!!!  I feel blessed to have been part of some wonderful bulldog matchmaking.  :0)   Now the puppies, they are easy...who can resist a pudgy wrinkly bully baby.  I have had the fortune to have placed puppies in some wonderful homes.  A huge thank you to my families for sharing their homes with a Marby bulldog puppy.  Hugs to you all!

What's most rewarding is finding homes for the older bulldogs that need their forever homes.  Maybe they aren't the most perfect bulldog by show ring standards, have special needs, or circumstances have just caused a change in life.  A few that come to mind...Bee, Holly, Griffin, Doc.  Hmmm, maybe I have a rescue heart (never really thought of it that.)

So here I share, another successful matchmaking!  A most wonderful four paw Christmas gift.  Here you go peeps, meet Bella!

Isn't she beautiful!  Bella had an owner that cared about her a lot but he knew she deserved a home where she could receive the pampered life and care that every bully dreams of!!  So the search began...

A month or two ago I began some email exchanges with a wonderful lady, SyAnn.  I could tell SyAnn was going to be a wonderful bulldog momma.  She had really researched the breed and was very interested in opening her home and heart to an older bulldog.  SyAnn and I quickly became email penpals (farmville neighbors too..haha!) and after exploring some adoption opportunities, the perfect match came along with Bella. Oh lucky girl Bella!!!!!  I'm not sure who received the Christmas gift, Bella or SyAnn, but Santa delivered a few days early and now Bella is enjoying life with her new family and four paw sister Mandy.

Happy beginnings Miss Bella!  Enjoy your new home!!  I enjoyed being Santa's matchmaking elf!!

If you know someone who would be willing to share their home with an older/young adult bulldog, please let me know.  Sometimes these opportunities come along and nothing is more rewarding then connecting bullies with their forever families!!!


  1. Yay! Wonderful story. And I would agree, you have quite the knack for match-making!!

  2. Bella, you are a beauty & congrats to you & SyAnn on being Mary-Matched!! Mandy honestly looks like she's smiling in the photo, so clearly she seems happy too!!

    Mary, keep up the make a lot of bullies & bully owners very happy!! :0)

  3. Yea for Bella and her new mom SyAnn! What a wonderful Christmas gift for them both! We adopted Ozzie when he just turned two years old! We cannot imagine life without him!

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Belisima! What a wonderful Christmas gift!