Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back in the Groove

Yes!!  We are getting back into the training mode!  I love this.  Sometimes it's hard to get motivated like last night getting out in the absolutely bitter cold weather and again this morning...who knows what the single digit or subzero temp is today.  I'm afraid to look.

Apple had a grand time in the class yesterday evening.  She looks at everything as a great adventure.  I love that about her.  No fear, no boundaries.  Most of the night was spent listening to blah, blah, blah.  Ok, that's mean, it's all good stuff but I really just wanted to get out there with my dog and do some training.  Finally, after an hour of lecturing, we did get about 10 minutes of real training.  Apple is going to be a blast...she's definitely an open slate with a huge eagerness to learn.  Fun times ahead.

Today is Henry's turn.  He's been off his training schedule for several weeks.  He sooooo needs a job to do!  I'm ecstactic he can get back out there and work his brain and get some much needed exercise.  He's doing dual training today.  We are going early to the training center to do some flyball box work before our regular obedience class.  He was making huge strides in flyball and then with the holidays things kind of stalled.  But it's back to work today.  He'll be one happy boy!

This weekend is the Land O'Lakes Dog Show.  Apple will be one week shy of six months at the time of the show so she is still too young to take on the conformation show ring.  Some day soon though!  The fun part is, Henry is entered in the Rally obedience.  We are hoping to pick up two legs towards his first obedience title.  He is more than ready...it'll be on my shoulders to get the course right and read the signs appropriately.  In Rally Novice, which is what we are in, the obedience is pretty basic it's more the handler putting it all together for their dog.  Can't wait to get out there with Henry.  He is such an awesome dog!!

Well, we are off....hope everyone has a pawsitively great day!

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  1. Hahaha! Pawsitively great day!! You're good! Can't wait to see you guys do Rally this weekend!!