Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cookie Thief!

Never leave a plate of fresh, warm, homemade chocolate chip cookies unattended on the kitchen counter. 

And, look, no one looks the least bit guilty or remorseful!  Hmmm, I'm thinking it's the tall one.   Reminder to dogs...chocolate can be toxic!  Don't be looking for sympathy if your belly hurts.  BAD DOG.


  1. Chocolate chip cookies? That's nothing Henry. I once ate some of Uncle Mike's German chocolate birthday cake off his island. My Mommy warned Aunt Julie and Uncle Mike, but they didn't heed her warning good enough. Then there was the time I scarfed down Ellie's Halloween cupcake from her highchair (wrapper and plastic pumpkin included). My Mommy had to scoop up some interesting stuff on our walks for awhile and I left a plastic pumpkin surprise by the door one day:-) I must admit I also enjoy the chocolate chip cookies. I recall eating about half a dozen that Daddy had gotten Mommy for Mother's Day. Oh the memories!!!! Take care and I hope your tummies feel better soon. Love, Sammy :-)

  2. LOL!! I learned just a few moments ago, that never hold food in your hand close to a curious Bulldog - or it might get licked. Holly now says that Skittles taste wonderful, but is upset that I won't let her have any. I think she figured if she licked it - she had dibs. She was wrong.
    Oh! One of my best friend's dogs, Tigger got ahold of a Tupperware bucket of treats when she wasn't looking. He opened it and ate ALL of the little treats. Later that day she absentmindedly kenneled him and offered him his usual biscuit - she said, "If a dog could of made a barf-face he would of". I guess he backed up from the biscuit.