Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I'm reminded by blogs of others I know that life is full of some BIG heartbreaking stuff...especially the ravaging of cancer on one's body.  It sometimes feel as if my fun, light hearted sharing of my dog stories and their lives is inconsequential in the journey of life.  While I love them, cherish them, and delight in their companionship, it's important for me to remember the struggles, life threatening situations and challenges that so many people face.  Thank goodness we can share our lives with furry four paws that help lighten our load or just provide us some unconditional love.

So here's some kisses and hugs to my pooches (and my prayers and thoughts to those struggling with pain, illness, cancer and life obstacles.) Thank you for helping me keep my life in the correct perspective.

Okay, now that I've shared some of my introspective thoughts, I'll share some of the "lighter" things on the four paw side.

Went to visit Bailey last night!  She is just the SWEETEST thing and, yes, growing!  Bailey babies...can't wait!

And, Maisy's new Perla bed arrived yesterday.  OMG, she LOVES it!!  I think this will be a perfect everyday bed for her and a great bed for nursing those babies.

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