Sunday, January 10, 2010

Great Day!

It's definitely turning out to be a very nice day!  First, Henry received two legs towards his Rally Novice obedience title.  He did very well at the show this weekend.  He is such a every way!  Good job, Oh Henry!  We only need one more leg for his title.  Most likely we'll try for this in March, depends on puppy arrivals. ;)

And, speaking of puppies.  Bailey's mom, Nancy, felt puppy movement today!  She said it felt like butterflies in her hand.  Ah, how awesome is that!!!!  Bully babies!  :)

Then there's the Packer-Cardinal game.  Still a whole half to go...but go Arizona!!

Tonight is flyball night!!!  Yes, a very good day. 

A few photos of Henry from Saturday's show.  Thanks to our supporters who came and encouraged us on.  Thanks Jen for the photos.  Heather, hope you're feeling better...we missed you!  Oh, and Henry got to reunite with littermate, Vito, at the dog show.  Neat!

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  1. Yayy Henry!! Such a good boy :) I am so sorry I missed out. I thought for sure I could make it today, but moved wrong and - OUCH! Too much walking and standing with a bad hip. Congratulations, though! Holly sends her love :)