Friday, January 22, 2010

Puppy Heartbeat!

I got so excited today when Mom put on her jacket and got out my pink leash...yes!!  I thought, "Fantastic, a walk!!!"  However, she kind of dashed my hopes when she loaded me into the back of the SUV.  Darn, she spoiled my fun.   Well, sometimes I get to go really cool places so I was keeping an open mind.  But, then reality hit when I noticed the familiar surroundings.  Okay, the place is not TOO bad and there are super nice people who give me treats and lots of great scratches; but they also poke and prod.  That I can do without!

This time I didn't get any pokes...thank heavens!  Actually all I had to do was lay (lie?...I never have figured that grammar out) on my back and they rubbed something gently over my belly.  That was okay!  Plus, those nice ladies gave me lots of treats again.  I liked that!  So I didn't quite understand the whole thing...being on my back and all.  But Momma whispered in my ear later that I had one little bitty bully baby inside me that I needed to take good care of.  WTH!  One baby to go through all this hormone stuff that keeps me cranky and so, so tired!   I thought, "this better be one special baby!"  Momma thinks it will be as it's an Otto baby.  I agree, he is about the most wonderful bulldog I know.  So no worries, Mom, I'll do the best I can.  I do have a little experience in this area.

Stay tuned....  Maisy


  1. Maisy. Way to go. It's not the quantity, it's the quality! I agree that your and Otto's baby will be the most special. Hang in there and I hope all goes well for you and your special puppy! Love, Susie :-)

  2. Yayy Maisy!! That will be a much, much easier litter for your momma Mary to take care of and for you to nurse. Holly sends her love :)

  3. Congrats Maisy! You could call it "Uno"!!
    xoxo Iz and Oz in ND