Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday - Hump Day

Okay, the typical use of "hump day" may not be the best descriptive word for the week when dealing with dogs.  But regardless, hump day it is in the calendar sense.

It's been a very typical week...that's a nice thing!  This weekend Bill finished putting up the shelves to my "walk-in" dog closet.  I love it!  So I've organized and moved everything to the closet and started taking inventory of the puppy supplies I will need for Bailey and Maisy puppies.  13 days and counting!!  I ordered a second bed for Bailey while she's here with me.  I'm thinking Maisy won't want to give hers up...she just loves that bed. 

We had more training this week.  Beginner obedience for Apple on Monday.  She is such a ham!  There's a few areas that we can work on for sure...impulse control being high on the list.  Her cup overfloweth with canine enthusiasm.  But that is what I love about her!  Henry had a great traning session yesterday...retrieving work and his regular obedience.  He begins a more advanced obedience class this Thursday so he'll get to add another day to his schedule.  He will be thrilled for the extra day to work.  He is happiest when he has a job to do.

So, an uneventful few days. I'll take that anytime!

Here's a peek at what the living room will look like soon....transformation to a puppy nursery.

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