Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bulldogs with Attitude!

Hi Everyone!

Momma said I finally get a chance to post.  Yahoo!  As most everything in life this gets me very excited.  You see I have a very HUGE zest for life!  Mom my calls it a little SPAZ or Dad calls me "his naughty girl," but not at all it's just total abandon to those things in life that I love.  That includes toys, treats, canine buddies, exploring, human people, jumping, Katy's feet, cuddles and shoes.  Oh yes!  Shoes are my obsession...especially moms.  I just can't help myself.  After all, if people aren't going to put them in the closet then I say it's fair game!  Mom may need to get a new wardrobe of shoes when I'm grown and honestly I think she might like this idea.  She likes shoes as much as me!

Now don't get me wrong--as energetic I am about everything, I can take that level of commitment 100% to other things such as hanging out in my favorite spot, being a cuddle bug, or a couch potato.  Once I get settled on a lap, or on my favorite recliner, I'll be there for hours!  I can go for 0 to 60 in a flash...or from 60 to 0.  Life is good!

Last night was my turn for obedience training.  Mom has been neglecting me a bit in that area.  For shame!  She seems to think Henry has the corner on the this.  Oh, will I show her!  She hasn't been giving me much training at home, but I have been watching.  I took to the my sit-stays, down-stays like we'd been practicing this forever.  And she always talks about Henry's focus and attention.  Ha!  He has nothing on me...I'll watch my momma which the same intensity.  After all I do love her...well, maybe more, those yummy treats!  In two short lessons I am heeling, making turns, recalls, fronts and finishes.  My mission...to show those skeptics that we bullies can do obedience with the best of them.  We are much smarter than we let on.  You know, we can't always show all our cards at once.   Gotta keep them guessing!

Here's my "attention" look.  Look at this face!  Aren't I just the cutest!....(Ok, I'm working on a bit of humble pie.)

Snapshot of canine mom and me...I love her....

And, my most favorite spot....this is the one that I can spend hours at a time.  Especially if there's a lap to cuddle up with.

Awww, me as a baby!  :-)

Have a pawsitively wonderful day and like me add a bit of "attitude!"  ~ apple

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  1. Hey Apple. It's Sammy. Good job at obedience training. Don't feel bad about being a SPAZ, that's what my mommy said about me too and she loves me very much. We seem to have a lot in common. I also loved shoes. When I was a puppy my Mommy used to pile her shoes in a big container to protect them from me. I just climbed in the container and would take a nap on all of the shoes:-) I also enjoy treats very much! Take care and enjoy your family and all of your training.